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Welcome to my website. My name is  Annemarie de Bruijn and I'm the artistic director of the Dutch theatre company Het Vijfde Bedrijf (transl. The Fifth Act). 


Besides producing, mostly, my own work at Het Vijfde Bedrijf I love to work freelance for third parties in various theatre-related fields such as acting, directing, teaching and producing. 

On this site I will briefly highlight some of my freelance activities and side projects I've done in alphabetical order. If you would like to know more than this site has to offer please feel free to contact me. 

Photography Roderik Rotting

Annemarie de Bruijn

Camera and editing by AAP Productions

'Lady M', 2007 - present. Text published in 2016

My experience as an actor primarily consists of a list of monologues and solo performances. As an actor in my own work I like to zoom in on the bit parts in (classical) literature, giving them a more prominent place in history, never losing the comical aspect of tragic events.

A lot of the work is based on Shakespeare and has been performed in and outside of The Netherlands. Because of these works I found myself at  Shakespeare&Company in 2017, Massachusetts, USA. 

Besides this I work a lot with writer and director Hans van den Boom within my company Het Vijfde Bedrijf and as a freelancer I'm always open to new collaborations. 

For a more extensive overview of my work as an actor, click here.


Camera and editing by Jasper Masthoff

'Aan Tafel', NTJong, 2016 - director


Over the years I got to do some directing of less-traditional theatre. Adaptations of well-known plays, biographical interdisciplinary acts and community art based on real-life stories. 


I worked with both professionals as amateurs, ranging from working with young aspiring actors on the life of Louis Couperus to location theatre with the elderly in their homes (Op Visite). For a extensive list of my directing projects, click here.


a guest teacher at Lapa Loyac, Kuweit - 2019

In 2004 I graduated as a theatre teacher at the ArtEZ University of the Arts. Therefore I am well-equipped to provide workshops, training sessions and masterclasses within the field of performing arts and adjacent fields like presentation skills training.

Furthermore I have a keen interest in helping directors, choreographers and teachers by coaching and advising them on the dramaturgy of their projects, ranging from shaping theatrical city walks during 'Voyage Fantastique' (a contemporary film festival in The Hague), up to assisting choreographers with dramaturgical advice and/or coaching of dancers. Click here for my CV.


Camera and editing by Judith Hofland

Trailer info: De Dansende Madonna 2017 / actor and producer


Since 2008 I am the artistic director of our theatre company 'Het Vijfde Bedrijf'.

Because we have been initiating and developing projects completely autonomous for twelve years now, it is safe to say we had our fair share of experience over the years, which I am happy to share with others.

Furthermore I have worked 'behind the scenes' for other festivals, projects and theaters such as International Children's Arts Festival 'De Betovering', Festival Carnivale, Writers Unlimited and Theatre Dakota and am currently seated in the the advisory commission for the art selection offer for the primary schools of The Hague.

To read more about my experience on the organizational front, click here.



Thanks to the publisher, International Theatre and Film Books, a great part of our dramatic texts were published in 2016 in the book 'Monologues, not by Shakespeare.', in Dutch ánd English. New written texts by Maaike Bergstra, David Geysen, Annechien Koerselman and myself.

If you want to read it, you can buy the Dutch version through and the English version through our website

To read what was written about me, the plays and Het Vijfde Bedrijf, please click here.



Photo by Miguel Vroomen

I am a theatre maker, actor and teacher, strongly embedded in the cultural arena of The Hague (The Netherlands) with a wide scope on the arts. The sub-line of this website 'and whatever is in my wheelhouse', and the lifeline that guides you through my freelance activities hopefully shows you that my interests are wide ranged. If an idea/festival/wish/dream/organization etc. etc. grabs my attention and I can be of any help or service, I'm in. This can be both on stage and off stage, behind a computer or interactive with people. 

I always thought I had to make a choice. Am I an actor, a director, a teacher, a projectmanager or do I want to be a dramaturg? And do I want to do that in the field of community art or the professional theatre? Do I focus on The Netherlands or do want to go abroad? Now I've reached a time in my life were I don't feel obligatory to be clear and decisive about what I do.  My wide scope and my broad experience is something that won't change because that's just the way I am. 

Acting makes my body happy and my heart pump. Directing lights up my detective eyes. Producing sets loose my strategic brain. Teaching and community art projects make me listen. I enjoy it all and especially by doing all of it I live a dynamic life filled with travel, people and experiences. 


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