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Curriculum Vitae

Aan Tafel - NTJong (The National Theatre) and CC Amstel, 2015 - 20202

Community-art project. A multimedial dinner where theatre and film meet. A performance about memories, the importance of sharing food and asking the question: what flavor makes you feel at home. If you break bread with someone you are less likely to break his/her neck. There are now two versions, one about the city of The Hague and one about Amsterdam. Hopefully more will follow. More info click here.



Op Stap met Couperus - It Happened one night Productions, 2013

Location theatre that centered around the great Dutch writer; Louis Couperus. Professional actors and musicians together with students of the youth theatre house Rabarber.

Sorrow in Silence - Het Vijfde Bedrijf, 2013

Concept, text and direction. An audiovisual installation; three booths to be

experienced individually. Especially designed for the The Hague Shakespeare

Festival in 2013.

Midsummernightmare - Theatergroep Hitches, 2013

A play for high school students. Final directions.

De Rode Draad - Holland Dance Festival, 2012

Director of the presentation night for the dance-schools of The Hague.

Trapped - Crosstown DH/Korzo Theatre, 2010

Dance performance together with choreographer Yada Hoek.

Werk in Uitvoering - City of Dordrecht, 2011

Member of the jury of the project 'Werk in Uitvoering'. This included

proces coaching of amateur theatre companies to their final performance. 

Allehaagse - Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT), 2011

Directing the final dance chorus.


Life Living Dancing - Korzo Theatre, 2011

A dance-production on location. Co-production with Hip Hop choreographer

Bryan Druiventak. Premiered in Februari 2011 during the Cadance Festival.


Op Visite - Het Vijfde bedrijf, 2009-2011

People telling their life stories in nursing homes.

Concept and co-artistic director. More info click here.

People Making Stuff Festival, 2007

An evening filled program where young professional talent presents itself.

Composing the evening and guiding the audience.

Vermoorde onschuld - de Bende van Boven, 2005

Interdisciplinairy art-project. 11 actors and 5 artists in a villa. 


Utrechtse Nieuwe – Writing for Performance / School for the Arts Utrecht, 2005

Director of one of the new plays at this festival for new playwrights.

Photography Arjen Born | Graphic design Studio Duel

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