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Masterclasses & Dramaturgy

Curriculum Vitae


As a first degree theatre teacher I've had a lot of experience teaching and giving workshops. Ages range from 6 to 99 years old (and this is really true). On this page I extracted just a couple of projects to give you an idea of the work range. 

Crosstown DH - Young Talent at Korzo Theatre, 2006 - Present

Actors/performance training for young dancers. After this they start working towards multiple performances with professional choreographers. I stay connected to give dramaturgically advice to the (predominantly young) choreographers and coach the dancers on their performance.  

Acting masterclasses - Lapa Loyac in Kuweit, 2019  

By invitations of the cultural institute in Kuweit I have been a guest twice in 2019 for which I designed a week full of classes around acting. For the after movie watch:

Acting masterclass, 2018

Two workshops of camera-acting.

Training - Studio Spaak, 2017

'This is just the way I am'. Training designed by Studio Spaak.

Masterclass - Artax Music rEvolution, 2016

Performance techniques for young professional opera singers.


Workshops - Rijswijks Lyceum, 2014 - 2015

High school theatre workshops.

Crosstown DH – Korzo Theatre, 2014 - 2015

Dramaturg for the dance piece by choreographer Gwensley Paula.


Cadance Festival – Korzo Theatre, 2015

Leading the aftertalk of the dance performance ‘A large animal deep in sleep’ by Marina Mascarell.

Voyage Fantastique – Stichting Shoot-me, 2014

Part of the artistic team. A walk through the old city centre with music, dance, fine arts and theatre.


Victory over Crisis - Solid Ground Movement, 2013

Dramaturg for the Hip Hop dance performance ’Victory over Crisis’. Choreographers Bryan Druiventak and Alida Dors.

Hide and Seek - Korzo Theatre, 2012 - 2013

Dramaturg of the dance performance ‘Hide and Seek’ of choreographer Ivan Perez.

Kenneth Flak - Korzo Theatre, Oktober 2012 en 2014

Coaching the dancers with the monologues in the dance piece The Wolf Project (2012) and Wild Places (2014) by Kenneth Flak and Kulli Roosna.

Kick the Bucket - Korzo Theatre, 2011

Dramaturgical advice and directing the text-based part for the dance performance Kick the Bucket by Ivan Perez. 

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