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Curriculum Vitae

As an actor I started out with producing mainly solo performances (Lady M, Cassandra, Lost in Denmark and Lady Anne) within my own company Het Vijfde Bedrijf.  are still  being booked. This also applies to the work in collaboration with Hans van den Boom, Mary Stuart II. These are shows that when requested find their way to the stage years after they premiered.

Festival Classique, 2020

Classical music and a theatre text by Hans van den Boom

Monet en de Blauwe Engel - Het Vijfde Bedrijf, 2019

Ensemble piece about the life of Monet. Performed inside the Kunstmuseum where there was a retrospective exhibition of his famous lilies. More info click here

M O N U M E N T - Source Material Collective, 2018 - 2019

Source Material is an art collective based in the USA and Iceland. With M O N U M E N T we have performed at the LungA Arts Festival in Iceland (2018), at Red Cat in Los Angeles and HERE art centre in New York (2019).

Amalia van Solms - Het Vijfde Bedrijf, 2018 - 2020

Soloperformance, written by Hans van den Boom, produced for and performed at the Mauritshuis. More info click here 

De Dansende Madonna - Het Vijfde Bedrijf, 2017

Ensemble piece about the life of Piet Mondriaan. More info click here.

Mary Stuart - Koninklijk Apeldoorn, 2016 - present

A monologue written and directed by Hans van den Boom about Mary Stuart II and Willem III. Music by Oleg Fateev.

More info click here.

Xajé en het meisje - Hans van den Boom, 2016

An independent theatre production. A Solo performance written and directed by Hans van den Boom.

Lucifer - Kamerkoor Kwintessens, 2016

An interdiscipinairy performance in a former power plant in The Hague. For more info and the trailer click here.


Lost in Denmark - Het Vijfde bedrijf,  tour 2013 - 2016 (and still when requested)

Solo performance. The story of Hamlet but now through the eyes of his best friend Horatio.

Written and directed by David Geysen. More info click here.

LADY M. - Het Vijfde Bedrijf, 2008 - present

Solo performance. A bit part from Shakespeare’s Macbeth takes the

lead! Performed in The Netherlands, Belgium, England, France and

China. More info click here.


Cassandra - Het Vijfde bedrijf,  2010 - 2014 

Solo performance. The Trojan Princess tells her life story.

A story filled with premonitions that no one ever believed.

Written by Maaike Bergstra. More info click here.


A toast by Lady Anne, Het Vijfde Bedrijf, 2013 & 2020

A short piece written by Maaike Bergstra, in which Lady Anne from Shakespeare's Richard III explains how it came to pass

that she was seduced by her husband's murderer... This theatre text found its way to the Enso Theatre in Portland USA in 2018.  

More info click here.

Trijntje Cornelis - Het Hofwijck Museum, 2012

Solo performance based on an old Dutch medieval play: Trijntje Cornelis.


De Witte Reus - Stella Den Haag, 2011 - 2012

Children performance. Director: Hans van den Boom.


Rumpelstiltskin - Stella Den Haag, 2012

Children performance. Attended the New Dutch Theatre festival in New York, January 2012, and the Imaginate Festival in Edinburgh, May 2012. Directed by Erna van den Berg.

De Vuurvogel - Stella Den Haag, 2012

Puppetry. Operating the bird in the play Vuurvogel performed in the Anton Philips Zaal, The Hague.

Theater aan Huis - Kosmopolis Den Haag, 2010

Short film 'Anna Hannah en Anna' inspired by the theatre project 'Theater aan Huis' in which we performed a short play in living rooms. Directed by Andreas Scharfenberg. 


Kafka Festival - Theater Branoul, 2008

Kafka Festival. Reading of new theatre texts, Royal Theatre - The Hague.

Festival Zinder - Stella Den Haag, 2008

Recording of a new theatre text which was a part of the festival Zinder. 


De Meiden - Modern Theaterhuis, 2006

Based on The Maids by Jean Genet. Directed by the Iraqi Rasoul Saghir for the international Theatre festival in Cairo, Egypt. 

Winkeldochter - Modern Theaterhuis, 2005

Directed by the Iraqi Rasoul Saghir. Performed at the Theatre Festival in Meknes, Marocco and the international Theatre festival in Cairo, Egypt. 


Billy the Kid - ALBA theaterhuis, 2004

Written and directed by Marcel Rooijaards. 


De Djin - Theater Tussendoor, 2004

Directed by Egon van Enk.


Fotography Miguel Vroomen

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